Financial and SaaS metrics projections and tracking

We create comprehensive financial and SaaS metrics projections customized for your business model, products, costs, and multiple scenarios. Track actual performance to forecast.

Cash flows and capital requirements estimates

We help you estimate your capital requirements - whether to present to investors, banks/financial institutions, or company management/Board. Present investor-ready plans or manage business.

Strategic planning and analysis

We help you assess the landscape for your company and test the impact of different pricing, headcount, and other key company decisions on company financial and operating performance. 

How can we help you today?

Forecast financial statements

We can build sophisticated models to forecast your P&L, cash flow, and balance sheet for any number of time periods.

Prepare for capital raising

We can help you project capital requirements and provide the related backup analysis - whether to raise equity, debt, or a line of credit.

Track actuals to forecast

We can monitor your actual business performance against plan, and make adjustments to the forecast as needed.

SaaS metrics

We can help you forecast SaaS metrics - including CAC, LTV, subscription billings, net churn, and net customer adds.

Deferred revenues

We can help you forecast your deferred and recognized revenues so you can assess your business growth, product, and pricing strategy.

Corporate finance, valuation, and cap tables

We have deep expertise in valuation and corporate finance analysis to guide you in managing term sheets, cap tables, and other ad hoc analysis.